shane hoover

The opening of CrossFit Bohica fulfilled a dream of mine since college. I have always wanted to own a gym where people could come and feel included and encouraged to be and do their best. I was not the best at athletics growing up but loved to play baseball, soccer and basketball. That is what I love about is something everyone can do! From the most athletic or weekend warrior to the child and retiree, CrossFit is for everyone. My goal is for everyone to feel like they have a place to come, belong and be supported and while accomplishing their fitness goals. Our coaches and myself are here for the members and because of the members.

CFL-1/ Crossfit Kids/ Crossfit Weightlifting


jennifer perkins


Growing up, I was always involved in athletics. Despite my active life, my weight was a constant struggle. It wasn't until my late 20's/early 30's that I had reached a point where I wanted to become healthier. I started to compete in local triathlons and improve my nutrition. During an off-season, I decided to try CrossFit as a way to improve my overall fitness. I had no idea what was in store for me! What I found was something beyond my expectations. Significant improvements in athletic performance, but also a family and a community. The community is not just local, it's worldwide! CrossFit brought about a burning passion to spread functional fitness to anyone and everyone, to bring health and fitness to the forefront, and also an insatiable drive to help people realize their potential. So, when the opportunity arose to establish Crossfit Bohica, the force awoke.


I have walked that walk and drove that struggle bus. From being unable to run half a mile and feeling as though death was upon me after my first sprint triathlon, to being the top female age group athlete of Eastern North Carolina Triathlon Series. Competing in multiple Ironman events and becoming a top 15% Ironman All World Athlete, to this year, top 10%.


I'm able to bring to the box a framework of sustained weight loss (losing 80 pounds over the years), successful endurance training, active CrossFit competitor, nutritional interest, practicing medical provider, and a drive with relentless determination; maybe even a little bit of a firecracker! 

Head Coach/ Manager

Chris Eaton

I've been involved in CrossFit for about 7 years. What began as a journey to improve my own health and fitness, which involved losing close to 50 pounds, quickly blossomed into a passion for helping others achieve their goals. As someone who knows what it is like to approach fitness from both a health-driven and competitive sense, I am fortunate to have a unique perspective on fitness and how to cater to a variety of individuals' needs.

CFL-1/Active life RX seminar


Laura Dlugiewicz

I attended my first CrossFit class on August 28, 2017 which was when my youngest kiddo started Kindergarten and I had a few hours during the day to find a new hobby. What I found has grown into so much more than that. It was the idea of getting in some good quality fitness that had me walking through the doors that first day, but it's been the amazingly supportive people and the sense of community/family that has kept me coming back for the last 3 years. My absolute favorite part of gym life is seeing people set personal goals and watching them CRUSH IT, while getting to cheer them on as they do!

On top of being a CF coach, I am also a registered Yoga teacher. I am a firm believer in pushing ourselves to be the best we can be while also keeping in mind proper form, alignment, and mobility work are important for longevity in this (or any) sport. # SafetyFirst



I have been a strength and conditioning coach for various high school athletic teams for over 10 years. My coaching career started with high school football 16 years ago and has grown to include track and field and basketball. I have extensive experience coaching athletes from all backgrounds and have been coaching kids from the 7th grade through high school. While strength and conditioning are my passion, I have been coaching CrossFit athletes for over 10 years and love the challenges that it presents to our members.

12 years Weightlifting coaching/training


Tiffany Parker

Fitness has always played a major role in my life, so when I found CrossFit in 2014, I WAS HOOKED! I began my coaching journey in 2016 and feel honored to have been a part of the Bohica staff since 2018. Through CrossFit I have found the confidence and strength I needed to pursue my career in firefighting and owe a lot of my success to the members and staff who have cheered me along the entire time! When I'm not working a 24 hr shift, or coaching, I'm most likely spending time with my SUPER HOT husband and our adorable fur babies! Even though Goldsboro isn't our hometown, we can easily say we feel right at home when we are at Bohica! I LOVE THIS GYM SO MUCH!! 


Alex Benton

Being a part of the Crossfit community is by far one of my favorite ways to invest my time and energy.

I started CrossFit in 2016 and I fell in love at the very first WOD.
It’s the camaraderie that really pulls me in. I’m naturally a very introverted person however when I’m at the gym, whether I’m coaching or participating in a class workout, I’m constantly engaging with everyone.
From strategizing to laughing...
The encouragement, the push, the friendly competition...
It makes the workout that much more rewarding to me.
I just really love the environment that Crossfit has always provided for me.

When I joined my first Crossfit gym I was 30lbs overweight.
Out of shape.

Since joining, Crossfit has changed all of that and done wonderful things for me not only physically but mentally as well and I want to show others how Crossfit can do the same for them.
I am eager to coach each and every class because I know what an impact this gym can have on someone and I want to be a part of that. I want to help someone learn a new movement or conquer their fear of box jumps or just be a friendly face to someone stepping out of their comfort zone. I coach because I care and I care because I’ve been there.


Bryce Custer

Most of my athletic experience has been in competitive swimming, which I participated in until my second year of college. My CrossFit experience started back in 2014 which is when I fell in love with the sport and more importantly the community. I started my coaching career in 2017 as a competitive swim coach. Swimming gave me a good basis of knowledge of conditioning and body mechanics and I’ve grown more in knowledge of functional movements, strength, and conditioning through CrossFit. I have a passion for helping people and getting to train our members in all of these things and help them reach various goals gives so much fulfillment. CrossFit Bohica is a blessing in many ways!


Paige Cothron