CROSSFIT (lift+Burn)

Our Crossfit Classes perfectly blend Strength training and cardio into one, fitting anyone's goals whether you want to gain muscle and get stronger, or lose a few pounds and tone up!

We then take it a step further and break our workouts down into 3 levels

Compete- for the person looking to be competitive in crossfit and push the upper limits of fitness

Open- the weekend warrior who likes getting out of their comfort zone

Fitness- for those training for life and simply want to feel good and look better naked

Each day you come in will be led by a coach who will be able to guide you through your workout to keep you safe and take care of all that guess work of going to the gym and not having a plan.

Bone Health class

Our Bone Health class is specifically designed for our members who are 60+ who may (or may not) have experience working out but want to get healthier even as they age!

The goal of this class is to make you more functional, more independent, and overall healthier. We use this class to teach our older members about proper flexibility, muscular strength, and nutrition in this 2x/week 40 minute class!


Our yoga classes are open to all levels. Wether you’re an experienced yogi or not, our yoga classes offer a sense of calm and stillness while focusing on mobility, flexibility and breath work. Yoga is a great additive to your CrossFit routine, offering functional strength through dynamic movements, with static holds and pose progression. Fine tuning balance and reinforcing proper alignment, these classes will bring your fitness to the next level.

Personal training + Nutrition

Coach Chris and the Team at Bohica also provide Personal Training and Nutrition consults in person, as well as remote individualized programming for those who want to add to their current class schedule or want to focus in on certain skills. perfect for:

- Returning to fitness post injury rehab (think bridging the gap from physical therapy to working out again) or for getting out of nagging pain that you can't quite figure out!

- Finding what nutrition habits work for your goals by meeting you where you are and developing a path towards where you want to be

-Developing and improving a variation of fitness by one of our specialized coaches (olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, flexibility)